Best startup blog posts and books

Harvard Business School runs the “Launching Tech Ventures” class on the MBA course and I recently came across their reading list which I cross post here. IT’S THAT GOOD.

Unlike most MBA classes they don’t rely only on case studies and books but also utilize a ton of really great blog posts. I have read most of the articles and books over the last years below and can only recommend them – this is the best stuff out there!

The list contains the following categories:


Lean Startup Concepts

Business Model Analysis

Product Management

Customer Conversion Funnel Analysis/Optimization

B2B Selling

Public Relations

Business Development

Recruiting/Organizational Issues

More Books and Tools

  • Do More Faster, edited by Brad Feld and David Cohen, compiles advice across a range of topics from TechStars entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Founders at Work, by Y Combinator’s Jessica Livingston, collects her interviews with two dozen founders relating their lessons learned.
  • Tom Hulme at IDEO has compiled and crowd-sourced a list of tools for tech startups, organized by function and company life cycle stage; a similar list compiled by Shyam Subramanyam; another list from Jaret Manuel; and my own list of free software tools for lean startups.


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